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Sphinx Hookah Lounge



The Sphinx Lounge

Founded in 2010, Sphinx Hookah Lounge is proudly one of the first authentic hookah lounges of Kingman, Arizona. Sphinx Hookah Lounge is an Egyptian-themed establishment with delicate decor, a chill atmosphere and a wide selection of delicious shisha to choose from. All our house selections were chosen to be the ideal shisha for the first timer or veteran smokers who are looking to experience unique flavors and guaranteed quality, Our shisha house brands deliver only all natural ingredients and are free of tar and additives, making shisha a popular tobacco choice. We also carry a line of tobacco-free hookah vapor stones for those wanting the hookah experience without the tobacco!

Our goals are to create a classy, warm atmosphere that gives our customers an exotic hookah-smoking experience while providing a relaxing and social atmosphere for the 18+ years of age person. Everyone from college students to young and old professionals needing down-time, persons of Middle Eastern decent who can appreciate ancient customs, hookah veterans and first-timers will enjoy their visit to our hookah lounge.

We appreciate the patience and encouragement of all those who have been supportive of our efforts over the past two years and hope to bring something wonderful and beautiful to the community!

If you would like more information regarding the lounge or have any questions, call us at 928-303-9666 or fill out the contact form on our contact page, we will return all calls and inquiries and will answer any questions in 24 business hours!

We look forward to seeing you!

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